December 28, 2016 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
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Nick Cavarra

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Learn how to use Constant Contact and Send Out Cards to create automated marketing. You’ll learn how to create a plan to reach out to your customers multiple times to build your relationships. With Send Out Cards you can create custom made greeting cards, invitations, announcements and post cards to make a lasting impression with your current and potential customers. It is all about continuing the conversation with your customers over time with truly one on one communication that will be meaningful to them.

Here are some telling numbers about how you and your competition are keeping in touch with your prospective clients:

  • 2% of sales close on the 1st call
  • 3% of sales close on the 2nd call
  • 4% of sales close on the 3rd call
  • 10% of sales close on the 4th call
  • 81% of sales close after the 5th call

But this is how businesses are following up:

  • 48% quit after the 1st call
  • 24% quit after the 2nd call
  • 12% quit after the 3rd call
  • 6% quit after the 4th call
  • 10% quit after the 5th call

This webinar will give you a game plan on how to follow up in ways that go beyond the ordinary and unforgettable!

Register Now – Free Webinar!

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