Lead Generation

  • Lead generation campaigns require the following tools:

– Content assets (tips sheets, white papers, videos, etc.)

– Website opt-in forms where interested customers can submit their information in exchange for access to the “content asset”

– Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to track submitted customer information and to automatically distribute “content assets” according to a set schedule

  • A simple example of a lead generation campaign would be the form to the right with the picture of our 8 Easy to Create Content Types white paper. You can fill out the form and then you will automatically be redirected to the PDF after submitting your name and email information.
  • We can create digital assets and execute multiple lead generation campaigns for your company to help you attract new customers and continue a conversation with them. Remember, most potential customers are not ready to buy today. They will need four to eight follow up efforts. Most companies only follow up with potential customers two times and then stop for fear of appearing too aggressive or “sales-y”. But do you read and respond to every email you get? Of course not, so let us help you put an automated communication plan together to ensure you keep the conversation going – and convert those conversations to new paying customers.
  • For a more complex example, we executed a lead generation campaign for a merchant card company. We created dedicated pages on their website where potential merchants could sign up to learn more about how to accept credit cards. Once the potential merchant submitted the form, they automatically received 6 additional emails (one every day for six consecutive days). Examples are below:
8 Easy to Create Content Types

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