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What Our Clients Say:

Nick Cavarra is extremely knowledgeable in marketing and social media platforms. We love having Nick present at OfficeSlice because his workshops are full of valuable information, easy to follow and Nick takes his time to make sure everyone’s questions are answered.  See the review on facebook here:


Judy Santos

Owner, OfficeSlice

I have seen Nick present on various social media topics. What a pleasure! He was super informative, wonderfully engaging and offered very useful information to his audience. Social media is often mind boggling to many, but Nick’s presentations clear the cloud of confusion and are fused with humor and warm personality. If you are looking for a speaker to spice things up and inform your audience, look no further. See the review on LinkedIn here:

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Tammy Bleck

Speaker / Blogger / Business Coach, Witty Woman Writing

I was delighted to have a private consultation with Nick from the convenience of my office via a shared screen program. He gave me excellent advice about focusing my marketing and offered tips that will make content sharing easier and faster. Because he had generously reviewed my questions in advance of our appointment, his answers were on point, his screens were prepared and it was an hour packed with valuable information. Highly recommend any opportunity to learn from Nick.  See the review on LinkedIn here:

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Debbie McCormick

LinkedIn Trainer, LinkedIn Speaker, Profile Writer, Debbie McCormick Consulting

As a media psychologist, I’ve asked Nick Cavarra and his company to consultant on social marketing strategies and finding new transmedia marketing streams for the entertainment industry. A veteran marketing specialist, Mr. Cavarra is inventive, adaptable, and extremely knowledgeable, helping to match the personalities of his clients with their marketing needs and budgets. I would highly recommend his company to anyone seeking the advice of a marketing expert.  See the review on LinkedIn here:

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Dr. Gordon Goodman, PH.D.

Ph.D. in Media and Entertainment Psychology, NuWerks Publications, HypnoCast Education Products

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