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Here is my latest post from the Constant Contact Community Blog repurposed here.  Find the original post here:

Since we are blogging on the community forum for Constant Contact, I wanted to highlight a new tool that integrates exceptionally well with Constant Contact.  That tool is MarketMeSuite.

MarketMeSuite in a nutshell lets you manage your Social Media.  “Organize, Prioritize & Stay Engaged” – that’s their official trademark.  Perhaps you have heard of or even used a similar tool in HootSuite, but the difference here is that MarketMeSuite interfaces with your Constant Contact account and allows for you to use the pictures in your library, and easily promote your email and events with one click accessibility.

Schedule Across Multiple Social Media Profiles

So first things first.  The best benefit by far of MarketMeSuite is it allows you to post across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with one click of a button.  So instead of having to post 3 times (or more than that if you have a personal Facebook page, your business Facebook page, your personal Twitter, your business Twitter and your LinkedIn profile) all you have to do is load up your post, select which channels you want to post on and presto.  Just like magic it posts everywhere.  They even have a URL shortener (think or so you don’t waste valuable space with a super long URL link.  And, you can schedule your posts to go out whenever you want them to – so load up a week’s worth or more if you feel like it.

Find and Follow Twitter Users – and Search for Leads Tweeting About Your Business and Services

There are many tools out there that help you find and follow (and even unfollow) folks on Twitter.  MareketMeSuite does that too.  But more than that, it has a search function that allows you to search Twitter for folks tweeting about your business or your services.  For example, one of my clients is a solar installation client so we search for the keywords of their business name (Sun Integration) and also the services they provide (solar panel installation, energy efficiency, energy audits, etc.).  Better yet, MarketMeSuite allows us to limit the search area to folks within a 100 mile radius of their business location so that we truly find and then interact with folks they want to do business with.  And by the way, MarketMeSuite will search Facebook and LinkedIn the same way if you want it to.

Curate Articles to Share and Establish Your Business as an Expert

It is hard enough to find or write articles that your customers want to read.  But with the Google integration tool in MarketMeSuite all you have to do is enter a keyword into their Google search and it will find news articles you can then easily share across your social media channels.  No more having to cut and paste from IE or Firefox – or use those social share icons that don’t always share articles on the pages you want to choose.  You simply click on the article, select which channels to post on and hit the button.  Done.

Full Integration with Your Constant Contact Account

You can easily access your Constant Contact library to share any images you already have uploaded across your social media channels.  And if you’re like my company and deliver lots of seminars and events – then you will love the ability to share your event pages (and shorten those URLs) with a simple click.  Oh, and if you forgot to use the “simple share” function in Constant Contact, no problem, use MarketMeSuite to share your email and newsletters with all your social media followers.

Blog and News Article RSS Feeds Automatically Posted

The last function to describe here is the ability to set up automatic posts to your social media from RSS feeds that you follow.  For example, I have set up any posts from my blog to automatically post to my social media whenever I post them.  The link to the posts goes out via MarketMeSuite without me having to do anything.  I’ve also entered the RSS feeds of Constant Contact’s blog as well as the Bizo Marketing blog to automatically post whenever THEY post a new blog article (which is pretty much daily).  What is the advantage to that?  It looks like my company is always up-to-date with all the latest news and information and my followers now expect to see that news posted on OUR social media feeds!  Win-Win for everyone – my company, the publishing entities and our clients!

Check out MarketMeSuite for FREE for 60 days.  They will even give you a coach to help you get set up.  Check out their site here:

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