This is a great infographic on the history of social media.  It is amazing how quickly we now go from ideation to company formation to billion dollar company to extinction (think My Space).

The speed of business has changed since the days of AMC’s Mad Men (the show about advertising agency folks back in the 60’s). Back then, folks could go out for 3 martini lunches because the speed of business was so slow. They would get back from their lunch, pass off their hand written notes to their secretary who had to manually type out their proposals on 3 carbon copy sheets and use white out when they made a mistake. When the proposal was finally ready to send out – they would package it up and give it to a guy that worked for a place called the Post Office. And it would take weeks for the proposal to get to the potential client. How long before you get concerned today when you haven’t heard back from a potential client that you just emailed? 1 hour… 10 minutes… 10 seconds?

This infographic was originally created by Unified and can be found here:

Social Media History

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