Nonprofit Tips for Online Donations

Here is a great article from the Constant Contact blog about the importance of making it EASY for your donors to give online (see the full article here).  They outline 5 tips that include:

  1. Make it ridiculously easy
  2. Make it mobile (mobile accounts for over 33% of all internet traffic and 65% of social media activity)
  3. Make it match (your donation pages must look like your brand so folks know they are giving $ to your organization and not some imposter)
  4. Make it urgent (why must your donors give $ NOW?)
  5. Make it recurring (fundraising is tough – why not make it a monthly commitment?)

Of course, Constant Contact makes it easy to stay in touch with your donors and can easily integrate PAYPAL buttons to facilitate donations from your emails.

SocialPunchMarketing also works closely with Mobile Cause to help your run text to donate campaigns that can run year long as well as create a very effective and focused vehicle for your Gala Event Attendees to donate directly to your organization while they are very engaged with your organization at your event(s).

Download their case studies here.

Mobile Cause

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