Today being the last Monday of the last full week before the Christmas holiday and the ensuing New Year’s week, I can only guess that you will be trying to cram three weeks of work into this week alone.  Me too.  But if you aren’t lucky enough to have booked 2 weeks in St. Thomas, here is a list of things that you can accomplish between eggnog servings and holiday naps.

1)  Clean up your database:

We all say we are going to do it, but that stack of business cards somehow never gets entered into your database.  Dedicate two hours to enter those cards into Outlook or whatever you are using for your database management and then THROW OUT that stack.  You’ll feel so much better once that is done!

While you’re at it, create a special category of clients and contacts that you will reach out to monthly just to “stay in touch.”  Make a dedicated effort to really build relationships with this small and select list of close contacts.  Stay in touch with them and offer them any help you can give them – you will be astonished that once you give so much to this dedicated group, they will return the favor by recommending you and your business to their own connections.

2)  Review Your Numbers:

Take these final two weeks to look at your numbers.  How did you do this year?  Better or worse than last year?   What quarter was your best, and why?  What can you do to replicate those successes and amplify them next year?  Can you be proactive with that information?

3)  Set New Goals:

Now that you’ve reviewed your 2014, set goals for what 2015 will look like.  And don’t forget to set personal goals as well.  I’m guessing that you didn’t start your own business because you wanted to work all the time, right?  You probably started your own business to give you some flexibility in your scheduling to allow you to have time for the other things in your life that you love – so don’t forget to schedule time to do those things as well!

4)  Relax – and Turn OFF that Mobile Device:

Especially during these last couple of weeks when the phone isn’t ringing off the hook – take the time to unwind and unplug!  Better yet, make that your New Year’s resolution.  Repeat after me, “I will not work past 6:30pm, and I will not check my email past 7pm!”  We all work crazy hours and it is time to stop the insanity!

If you are one of those “A-type” personalities, you can get all of these items checked off your list and still have plenty of time to kick back and enjoy your Holidays!

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