Nick Cavarra Interviewed On More Than A Few Words

We had a blast chatting with Lorraine Ball of Round Peg Marketing on her podcast More than a Few Words! We talked about how most small businesses are always on the search for that mythical “buy now” customer! ┬áRemember, the hardest folks to market to are the ones that don’t know us! Yet, we think that is the right way to market because the big guys with all the marketing dollars are willing to spend that money on that strategy! That only works if you can find customers faster than you lose them. So as a small business, let me ask you this, “how many customers can you lose today?”

Stop driving yourself crazy, are start deploying the best marketing strategy ever – “care” (thank you Gary Vaynerchuk, you said it!). If you are tired of all those digital tools and tactics, go back to reaching out with good old fashioned greeting cards to show folks you really care! Make it all about them – and then your sales will start to grow!

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