Why Automate Your Email Marketing?

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If you own and operate a small business… or are a soloprenuer… or are an entrepreneur… I’m guessing you’re busy. Super busy. Wearing multiple hats from CEO to janitor. So couldn’t you use a little help with your marketing that won’t cost you more TIME? Enter Constant Contact’s Autoresponders. A fantastic way to set up a series of emails that will AUTOMATICALLY be sent to specific lists in your account – so you don’t have to take the time to send them to each contact. Now don’t read into this that the work is completely done for you… its not. You have to do the work up front, which means you have to create the lists and the specific emails you want to send to those lists – but once they are created – you can set it and forget it. Here is a quick video from Constant Contact that quickly explains the concept.

Try it for 60 Days FREE!

The easiest autoresponder to set up is the “Welcome” email series. Set up a few emails that will welcome your new clients or subscribers to your company and share what they can expect from you and how best to engage with you. You can even send a survey in your series to ask your customers how THEY would like you to interact with them or what products and services THEY are interested in.

Two other easy to create autoresponder series are the Birthday and Anniversary versions. You can set up the birthday email to go out automatically on the day of each contact’s birthday (or anytime from 1-5 days before) and you can send the anniversary email the same way. Don’t just think of an anniversary email as an anniversary of marriage – but any anniversary date that is important, i.e. the first day you started business with a client.

Elegant Themes Bloom Plug In to Connect with Constant Contact

If you use WordPress (like we do) The other great tool to use with Constant Contact is the Bloom Plug in Theme from Elegant Themes. It allows for you to connect your sign up forms on your website so that the information will go right into Constant Contact and your new sign up contacts will go into whatever list you set up. Once you set up the list, you can connect the autoresponder to it, so your new contacts get the emails in that series.  For more on this tool, just go here:

Elegant Themes Plug In

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