10 Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Social Media

Social Media Examiner is a terrific resource blog and here is a recent post that is a great top-ten list on how Nonprofits can leverage social media.  Remember that social media tools are usually free, but using them requires human capital.  Nonprofits are often in the position of having limited cash resources, but can often draw upon a largess of volunteer hours.  If you get organized, pick only specific social media channels that are the best fit for your organization, and execute effectively on those channels by leveraging your volunteers, you will set yourself up for success. 

Their top 10 list includes:

  1. Evangelize your organization’s mission with an interactive presentation
  2. Get organized with a social CRM tool
  3. Leverage the power of video to advance your cause
  4. Get to know your donors, volunteers, partners and clients/beneficiaries on a deeper level
  5. Get to know the new kid on the block
  6. Turn Facebook into a fundraising hub
  7. Power to the Tweeple: Take your petition to Twitter
  8. Connect with other Nonprofits on a Tweetchat
  9. Create a LinkedIn company page
  10. Keep it transparent

To review the entire article go here (http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/10-ways-non-profits-can-benefit-from-social-media/)

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